Friday 6 April 2007

Bundle of nerves

The wiring is fairly straightforward. The power rails are 24/0.2 and the sensors are connected with multi-core 7/0.1 screened cable salvaged from a mouse's tail. The rest of the connections are 7/0.2. The manual for the MDM7 stepper motor controllers recommends using screened cable for the motor connections because they are switching at hundreds of kHz. I couldn't find any that would handle the current so I used twisted pairs which are the next best thing. I made these by twisting two pieces of 7/0.2 write with a drill and then put them inside plastic tubing to protect them.

I recycled a mains inlet and switch from a broken PC power supply.

I also got a 0.2 inch 2 pin connector from it for the 24V feed to my I/O board. The rest of the I/O connections are 0.1 inch headers.

Again, I had all these parts lying about for years so my wife is pleased that I am starting to use up some of the "junk". The only things I have had to buy so far are the axes, wood and three 9 way D type connectors.

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