Monday 30 November 2009

Pinchless Extruder

While dismantling my extruder for a small mod I accidentally discovered that the worm pulley has so much grip that it will still extrude PLA with the pressure roller removed. It is hard to see on this low quality video but it was extruding 0.4mm filament at 32mm/s.

I will still run it with a roller because it helps to guide it into the tube when self feeding to start a new filament. I also expect softer plastics would need it.

BTW, I have stopped using Vimeo and gone back to YouTube because they added an artificial processing delay unless you pay.


  1. 0.4mm filament? Where to get it, and why is it any better then 3mm?


  2. 0.4mm was the nozzle size. The feed you can see going in is 3mm.

  3. Wrong angel dude! Same as before please! :)


  4. I think you are looking at the wrong post, try the video I added to the end of "beefed up bracket".

  5. Instead of using vimeo, or youtube, you could host your video yourself and use something like this: