Tuesday 19 February 2008

J-B Weld Heater

I ordered some Cerastil H-115 high temperature ceramic glue today but it will not arrive for a few weeks so I made another heater with J-B Weld. It is much quicker and easier than using BBQ paint.

I spread a thin layer on the barrel to insulate it and left it for 6 hours to set. Last time I used a thicker layer and turned it down but this time I just spread it very thinly with a spatula while hand rotating the lathe.

Next I wound the nichrome using a nut with a small hole drilled in it to anchor the start. I anchored the end using a piece of copper wire tied to it and pulled over a support round the back of the chuck. I expect this could be done with a drill chuck if you don't have a lathe.

I then added a second, thicker, layer of J-B Weld and left it over night to set.

Finally I slowly heated it up to 200°C in an oven to cure it.

I haven't tested it yet, apart from checking it for opens and shorts but it is pretty much the same method I used first time around: hydraraptor.blogspot.com/2007/07/hotting-up

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