Saturday 2 June 2018

Avoiding annoying Blogger cookie warnings

Being warned by every web site that it uses cookies is very annoying. I don't see how it is useful because virtually every site uses cookies.

When looking at a Blog hosted by Blogger it is even more annoying because it warns for every new page of a blog visited. Looking at the cookie it uses to decide whether to warn about using cookies I noticed it stores the path of the page relative to the blog. That is why it warns for each page of someones blog. However it looks like it won't warn for sub paths of the path in the cookie. So if you visit the root of the blog and dismiss the warning there it gets rid of the warnings for every other page in the same blog. This is a lot more reasonable and probably the way it should work by default.

It is also annoying that this will expire in a year. If every website I visit repeats the warning every year it will continue to be a constant stream of warnings forever.

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