Tuesday 31 July 2012

Mendel90s at Manchester Mini Maker Faire

There were people asking questions non-stop on Saturday. We didn't even get time to eat or drink all day! Sunday was a little less manic and I managed to take these pictures in a rare quiet moment.

From the left a Dibond Mendel90 with 200mm build height, my acrylic Mendel90, Richards's Emaker Huxley and on the far right his polycarbonate Mendel90 printed by the Huxley: -

Mary points out the differences between Mendel90 and the Sell's Mendel opposite: -

Richard brought a large collection of printed objects which went down well lots of children: -

Most visitors hadn't seen 3D printing in real life before but a reasonable number had heard of it. All the people that inquired were pleasantly surprised how affordable it is.

More pictures of the rest of the faire can be found on Tony's blog.


  1. Here's a quick video that shows how busy we were.
    It was a great weekend, but exhausting.

  2. I only read about this yesterday - the day after the event :-( Wish I had kept a closer eye on things as I would have been down there like a shot and added to the crowd! Looks like it was a brilliant weekend - when is the next one?

  3. Hi again i was one of the people asking questions on the Saturday and i was really impressed with your work. One thing you mentioned was you where thinking about selling the mendel90 as a pack. Its was pretty hectic so i wasnt able to get more information from you but if you can please can you let me know so i can start saving.

    I would like to build one as a project for myself and my son,

    1. Hi Richard,
      I plan to sell kits for £495 plus postage in a few weeks.

  4. I'm really p!$$%d off I didn't hear about this event until too late.
    Good to see you had a great weekend of it!
    - Hamish