Tuesday 23 October 2007

They don't like it up 'em!

How is this for bad luck :-

I was trying to connect a scope probe to the far side of a two row connector on my machine. I made a small hook from a piece of wire with a bit of insulation to get it past the front row.

I inserted this with the power turned off. Unfortunatly, and almost unbelievably, the far end of the wire manage to find its way into a hole leading to the mains live terminal on my solid state relay. That was the only thing on the live side of the mains switch.

Massive bang! Blew the crap out of HydraRaptor and my ADSL router. My PC is crippled is well, it no longer runs at the correct front side bus speed and insists I haven't got an 80 pin IDE cable.

This is the CPU of my axis controller :-

And this the micro from my extruder controller :-

I expect all the rest of the electronics is fried as well, so pretty much the end of HydraRaptor. The only lucky thing was that I was holding the insulation, otherwise it might have been the end of me as well!


  1. Crap. That sucks. Glad you weren't damaged as well.

  2. Serious bummer. I hope you're planning to rebuild it? If so, do you have a plan for what you'll use for the new micro?

  3. oh no!!! that is definitely a major bummer. hopefully you can get up and running again soon. you are doing some great research.

  4. Thomee,
    I will use the same micros again as I don't want to rewrite my firmware as well as fix all the electronics. They are both available from Farnell on next day delivery so should be waiting for me when I get home.

  5. Ahh, ok. For some reason I'd gotten it into my head that the micro you were using wasn't available any more. Since it is, I totally understand not wanting to rewrite the firmware :-)