Tuesday 26 June 2007

End of play

You may recall that I said my replacement spindle motor, AKA Minicraft drill, had a bit of end play due to the bearing moving. This evening I made some shim washers by milling a thin piece of hard plastic that I got from the inside of a PC power supply. They are 11mm diameter with a 8.5mm hole and about 0.2mm thick. They were a bit ragged round the edges due to the plastic burring quite badly but it didn't really matter. I made three but two were enough to stop the bearing moving.

This is what the inside of the drill looks like. I added the capacitor myself to keep the radiated emissions from the cable to a minimum.

The result was very pleasing and I now have a working milling machine again. My next job will be to mill an FDM extruder. I plan to start with the clamp as this looks the easiest part.

Obviously I will have to modify it a bit. For example I can't do sharp internal right angles due to the tool's radius.

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