Saturday, 31 March 2007


My friend Wes pointed me to and I immediately decided it was what I going to do with part two of my life. I have been collecting motors and other "useful" junk for years and have at last found something interesting to do with them. My hobby, starting as a child, used to be electronics but it is increasingly hard to find something to make that you can't buy cheaper and better. Consequently I haven't built anything at home recently. My skills lie in electronics and software and I can get by in woodwork and metalwork which I learnt from my father who was a patternmaker by trade. This project involves all these disciplines plus material science and chemistry which I know virtually nothing about but am interested to learn more.

In short, making machines that make other machines is the perfect hobby for me. Hopefully my experiences along the way may be interesting to others so I decided to start this blog.


  1. Hello! I could not find your email anywhere! Hw can I talk to you?

  2. You can talk to me publicly through the blog, as you have done. Do you want to talk to me privately? If so why?

  3. Hi, found your blog (it wasn't that well hidden! :-) and spent hours reading it last night.

    This morning I've jumped to the start, rather than working through backwards.

    It is all excellent. Thanks.